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Looking to acquire the status of Farmer? We can help you obtain authorised farmer certificate.

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The states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh do not restrict non-farmer Indian citizens from buying land in their states. An individual can definitely buy land in these states. But the procedure is a long one. It involves buying land, finding a reliable broker to make the purchase, making the sale deed agreement, making 7/12 from Talathi, submitting the application to Taluka Tahesil office in front of Tahesildar, and finally getting farmer Certificate after 8 days. The process involves a lot of running around and knowing the right people. It is sure to take up a lot of your time, energy and money.

This is where we step in. We simply take POA (Power of Authority letter) and our executive will collect your KYC Xerox documents from your doorstep. You can send these to our office through courier also in this Pandemic Corona days. Our executive sends those documents to Rajasthan; there our team member, the POA holder will buy land on your name, and finalise the entire procedure in 15 days. Yes, it is as easy as that. For this complete service package, you pay for the cost of land purchase and stamp duty as applicable.
Note*: There are minimum & maximum land-holdings sizes defined in various state Land laws for an individual. We would make the purchase according to Rajasthan law, on your behalf, i.e., to help you become registered as a farmer, we buy land in that state on your name.

In this way, we enable our customers to acquire authorised “Farmer Certificate” from Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh.

Special Offers:

*Buy farmland from us, and ‘Farmer certificate’ charges will be adjusted against the final land price. *Special discount for group bookings above 5 nos. According to the law of Maharashtra ‘Revenue Act 1966,’ an individual can’t buy farmland unless he is farmer, or his father or grandfather is a farmer. Due to this restriction, many people who wish to buy farm land in Maharashtra are unable to do so. Today, there are several agencies and a lot of independent agents who promise fake certificates and take advance. Later, after these agents fail to acquire the certificates, the disappointed buyers come to us.

We have assisted thousands of agents, developers and end customers to compile the right documents and successfully obtain the Farmer Certificate.


  • We purchase Agricultural land on your name vide registered Sale deed.
  • All the legal documents submitted to the concerned authorities are in your name.
  • Documents submitted include Register Sale deed + Jamabandi (7/12) + Tahisildar’s Farmer Certificate
  • We upload your property 7/12 Online on Rajasthan Website.
  • Documents you will need to provide us with: a) Aadhar card, b) Pan card. c) Passport Photo.
  • Time taken for the acquiring the Farmer Certificate: 15 Days.
  • Payment charges & schedule: Service charges: Rs. 41,000/- per certificate (includes all procedures). Payment Schedule: Rs. 15,000/- Advance + Rs. 26000/- after work is done Note: Cost of Land Purchase + Stamp Duty is included

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